Young Farming Champion Sam Coggins a global changemaker.


This week Young Farming Champion Sam Coggins was invited to share his ideas on a global stage as one of three young Australians selected to participate in the Youth Ag_Summit in Brussels 

Ten years ago a very small team came together to form the organisation that is now known as Picture You in Agriculture.

We had a vision to:

  • Create a national network of young farmers promoting agriculture
  • Have an Australian community proud of our farmers
  • Develop young people to thrive in business and in life

Out of this vision The Archibull Prize and Young Farming Champions  (YFC) programs were born and our 2016 external independent evaluation of both programs showed we are certainly ticking all these boxes and some.

We then added “foster a network of globally connected thought leaders in agriculture and sustainability” to our vision.

Our highest purpose is to show young people in agriculture that they can achieve amazing things if they identify their core values, focus on doing what they love, surround themselves with people they can learn from and ask for help when they need it. We exist to help young people in agriculture learn to do extraordinary things and thrive in life and business

The YFC journey starts with learning the skills and tools to go into schools in a safe environment as the face of youth in agriculture for The Archibull Prize. The YFC program finds ways to continue to expose participants to global ideas and gives them skills and knowledge to participant in discussions on the world stage. This week Young Farming Champion Sam Coggins was invited to share his ideas on a global stage as one of three young Australians selected to participate in the Youth Ag_Summit in Brussels

Visit the Youth Ag-Summit website here 

Together with Yang-Ming Goh & Christopher Young, Sam will bring a fresh perspective to the challenge food security during the conference. Sam’s application essay included the need for values based communication to address the seemingly universal stigmas surrounding genetic modification . Read more here 

“At one of the Young Farming Champions workshops, facilitator Greg Mills challenged us to think about how the broader community perceived agriculture and the people in agriculture. Greg introduced ‘values-based communication’ as way to develop trust between community members and those of us who see our future in agriculture. By demonstrating as agriculturists, we share their values and we care about what they care about, we can demonstrate that we are the type of people they can trust to look after our animals, our people and the planet.

Greg’s presentation really stuck with me and got me thinking about how this approach could be applied to break down the stigmas surrounding genetic modification and careers in agriculture. These reflections formed the basis of my application to be part of the Bayer Youth Ag Summit in Belgium and I was honoured to be selected.

Thank you, Greg and Young Farming Champions!”

Sam is a great example of how the YFC program challenges people to think differently and then gives them the skills and mentorship to participate at the next level to build on these new ideas. A key success factor is that some of our mentors & trainers come from non-traditional backgrounds and bring new perspectives and provide an expanding world view to the YFC

Speaking of Young Farming Champions  Global Communicators succeeding on the world stage a huge congratulations to YFC Casey Onus and her UNE teamates for third place at the International  IFAMA contest in Miami.  On top of that, UNE pulled of first place with their team Bec Clapperton, Max Laurie and Sarah Wall


Casey and the IFARMA team

Casey  Onus (far left) with the UNE IFAMA team 

Every decision you make about who you let join your team and the standard you hold gets viewed through the lens of your values. 

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Elders joins the Art4Agriculture team to support rising leader Emma Ayliffe

We would like to welcome Elders to the Art4Agriculture team. Elders will be joining the Cotton Research and Development Corporation to support Emma Ayliffe to undertake advanced training as part of the Young Farming Champions program

“Emma has a unique role within Elders,. Half of it is doing research, development and extension and the other half is agronomy. Because Emma is off farm she understands the production side of things in the field, and by doing trials the growers are getting the research done on their farm. It also works well for the ag-tech companies because if they get a new product we can straight away send it to our client base. Clients seem to get the uptake of the product quicker because of Emma’s role. She’s a self-starter, she’s got plenty of drive to make things happen, she always meets deadlines, and she builds relationships really quickly,” says Heath McWhirter Key Accounts Manager (Agronomy) at Elders


Emma Ayliffe Master of Ceremonies at The Archibull Prize Awards in 2016

Emma will join 10 of the YFC alumni undertaking facilitation and Changeology workshops with Les Robinson. These workshop will help the YFC learn how to facilitate with confidence and bind people together to explore new options rather than fight to maintain the status quo i.e. how to be an effective changemakers

Emma will also have access to Greg Mills and Gaye Steel  who will be working with the YFC to hone their media and presentation skills for diverse audiences. These workshops will have a strong focus on the importance of ‘being real’ in media interviews. The YFC will identify what drives them, develop presence and harness their power to create impact.

We are very excited to have Elders on board and look forward to adding their logo to our list of partners

You can read more about Emma here

_ 2017 Picture You in Agriculture Supporting Partners

AGnVET and Art4Agriculture partnership supporting #youthinag

e them Art$agriculture is thrilled to announce with have a new supporting partner. AGnVET are supporting the Young Farming Champions program.

Our partnership with AGnVET will see them join the Cotton Research and Development Corporation to support  James Kanaley, their identified future influencer and innovator to access the mentorship of some of Australia’s finest communication, marketing and professional development experts as well as the diverse networks necessary to support them through a unique journey.

James Kanaley

James Kanaley ensuring Australian farmers are front of mind with consumers 

Along the way, AGnVET will create strong links with other inspiring future influencers and innovators who are the face of youth in agriculture and are well placed to pursue a career and other key roles at AGnVET

AGnVET are also supporting The Long Walk for Lungs 

The Long Walk for Lungs eventuated as a result of AGnVET Services, Bill Van Nierop being diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) in 2015, quite by chance, and like many with a similar diagnosis, he was unsure what it all meant. It was only a ‘blip’ on an X-ray following a bout of pneumonia that raised some initial concerns and prompted further investigation.

IPF is a rare condition. In Australia, there are approximately 1,500 new IPF cases each year. There is no cure available for IPF yet. It is a progressive disease associated with scarring of the lung tissue that makes it difficult to breath. The five-year survival rate is as low as some of the more devastating cancers – approximately 20%.

The cause of IPF is unknown but certain environmental factors and exposures have been shown to increase the risk of getting IPF. Smoking is the best recognized and most accepted risk factor for IPF. Other environmental and occupation exposures such as exposure to metal dust, wood dust, coal dust, silica, stone dust, biologic dusts coming from hay dust or mold spores or other agricultural products, and occupations related to farming/livestock have also been shown to increase the risk for IPF.

With his diagnosis, Bill has become determined to work with Lung Foundation Australia to raise awareness of this devastating disease as well as symptoms of lung disease so that people can be diagnosed and treated earlier. Lung Foundation Australia is the only national charity dedicated to supporting anyone with a lung disease. Find out more

By becoming an advocate for Lung Foundation Australia, and speaking publicly about his personal situation, Bill hopes to create awareness in rural areas of the prevalence of chronic lung disease and to encourage those with symptoms to take them seriously.

Another motivation of Bill’s is to increase the amount of funding for research to improve outcomes for those affected by lung disease.

Bill is walking from Narromine to Forbes via Griffith and Leeton – no mean feat and we are cheering for him all the way

Long Walk for Lungs

Help us spread the word about the environmental factors and exposures have been shown to increase the risk of getting IPF.

Help us spread the word about this great initiative to raise awareness of IPF and funding for the Lung Foundation of Australia. You can donate here

We look forward to adding the AGnVET logo to our list of supporting partners

_ 2017 Picture You in Agriculture Supporting Partners



Joe Banks wins the Picture You in Agriculture Scholarship

Joe Banks.JPG Picture You in Agriculture is thrilled to announce that Joe Banks  has been awarded a one year scholarship to our flagship program the Young Farming Champions

Gifted by an anonymous donor JOE BANKS from Dirranbandi has been chosen from a stellar list of applicants to participate in a series of Sydney based workshops, under the mentorship of some of Australia’s finest communication, marketing and professional development experts.

The program’s focus is developing confident, independent, reflective thinkers who can share their story and their personal experiences, while voicing their own opinions about agricultural issues in their industry and more broadly.

The program equips and prepares the participants for that often very daunting experience: of standing up to be counted, even in difficult circumstances. The YFC leadership development model is providing the rock-solid foundation and pivotal stepping stones as part of a journey to lead agriculture’s next generation.

Through these workshops and the program’s lifetime mentorship opportunities, the YFC are also equipped with unique insights into all aspects of the agricultural supply chain as well as consumer attitudes and trends.

Read about our Alumni here 

A bit about Joe

Joe Banks from Dirranbandi in Queensland remembers his early years dominated by drought as he and his family moved their sheep along stock routes in a bid for survival. In fact the vagaries of weather and a changing climate were to be catalysts for his career in agriculture.

“As with a lot of eastern Australia we were hit with some pretty severe droughts in the early 2000s. We stopped dryland cropping and planted saltbush into the old cropping land to act as a fodder buffer for dry times so that we could continue to carry most of our sheep,” Joe says. “It is innovative practices such as this, and cell grazing, that drove me to seek out further knowledge, education and experiences in agriculture.”

Joe has since expanded his agricultural knowledge, education and experience: working on remote northern Australian cattle stations and live cattle export ships, and studying a Bachelor of Agribusiness at Marcus Oldham College; all experiences that have contributed to his current role as Commercial Analyst for NAPCO.

Read Joe’s blog here

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Trailblazers – an exciting program from the ABC for young changemakers in regional Australia



Today we are helping to spread the word about a program the ABC is launching  in 2017 in partnership with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

They want to know if you are doing  something great? 

Are you a young person doing cool things in regional Australia? They want you 

At Art4Agriculture we have who team of people doing great things and we love supporting initiatives that will help them and other #youthinag flourish

Want to know more  – see all their info below. We think this is an awesome opportunity please share our blog or use the suggested Twitter or Facebook links below

What is Trailblazers?

Trailblazers is an exciting new initiative from ABC Heywire. Trailblazers is an opportunity for people who are implementing positive change in regional Australia, to have their work celebrated nationally.

Trailblazers receive an amazing package of support, including having their story told on the ABC, and a trip to the Trailblazer Lab in Canberra next February. The Lab is a five-day intensive experience, to empower young leaders, share their stories and build their leadership capacity. Applications are open now and close July 24.

Who are we looking for?

  • People aged 18-28
  • Individuals or groups of up to three
  • Those working on a project that strengthens regional communities

Find out everything you need to know here 

How can you help to spread the word?

  • Do you know someone who’s up to something great? Encourage them to apply! This is one of the most important and powerful way that you can help and it’s also one of the
  • Post about the call out on social media! Below are some suggested posts, suitable for Facebook, Twitter or A range of images are available for download here.
  • Follow Heywire on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts and videos; ABC News will be posting a series of videos on their Facebook featuring participants of our pilot
  • Mention Trailblazers in your newsletter or mail
  • Heywire is proud to represent the diversity of young Australians. Indigenous young people or people from a culturally diverse background, are especially encouraged to

Twitter or Facebook post suggestions 

Social Media Post 1

Up to something great? Trailblazers is an exciting new program for young change makers in regional Australia.

Social Media Post 2

Know a young person doing cool things? They could be eligible for an incredible package of support from the ABC.

Social Media Post 3

ABC Heywire is looking for young, regional innovators to take part in their exciting new Trailblazers program.


Social Media Post 4

Advocates, event organisers, leaders and change makers from regional oz: apply for the ABCs new Trailblazer program.

Marlee Langfield planting the seed of attitude and change

Grain farmer and Young Farming Champion Marlee Langfield has been first cab off the rank for The Archibull Prize YFC School visits. Today Marlee visited St Raphaels Catholic School in Cowra.

St Raphs with Marlee.JPG This is what they had to say about Marlee’s visit

News from the #strapharchie17 team

Our Young Farming Champion, Ms Marlee Langfield, did a presentation for our Archie team, as well as our year 12 Biology students. Marlee is an engaging speaker and motivated us with her passion for the land and agriculture.  In addition the journalists in our team set up a “breakfast show” interview panel and we had a lot of fun interviewing and creating a video with our YFC.  This is our second interaction with Marlee as she was a guest speaker at our recent Year 12 Formal Dinner. Her message to our first graduating class was to encourage them to grab hold of any opportunities that come their way. She is an inspiring role model for young people in the Central West.

Marlee’s formal presentation had the following key messages:

  1. Career opportunities in agriculture
  2. Importance of the Central West NSW as we account for 15% of NSW agricultural production
  3. We all have a shared responsibility in Biosecurity for preventing and responding to the pests, diseases and weed seeds that may be in the grain.

St Raphs Archie team brainstorming, thinking and planning

The Archie team brainstorming, thinking and planning.

The Archibull forms part of our whole school focus on “Laudato Si” which is the “care of our common home”. Thank you to Marlee, Art4Agriculture and our important sponsors Aussie Farmers Foundation for creating this wonderful opportunity to “plant the seed” for change and engaging young people. It is a “call to action” for this generation to take up the responsibility for stewardship of our environment.

Lucas Meredith, Brian MacCabe, Ashleigh MacCabe and Samantha MacCabe Marlee Langfield and our beautiful Archie

Lucas Meredith, Brian MacCabe, Ashleigh MacCabe and Samantha MacCabe and YFC Marlee Langfield and our beautiful “bull/cow”.

You can follow St Raphaels journey on their blog found here and on instagram here

_ 2017 Picture You in Agriculture Supporting Partners

Emma Longworth wins The Alan Eagle Young Farming Champions Scholarship

Emma Longworth (3)

The 2017 Alan Eagle Young Farming Champions Scholarship has been awarded to Emma Longworth

Emma is studying a Bachelor of Rural Science at the University of New England in Armidale.

Emma is a young person from the city exposed to Agriculture at school and she is looking forward to inspiring other city kids to follow her career journey into agriculture

 “I want to share with them you don’t need to buy a farm to farm and you don’t even need to be a farmer. Everyone in the agricultural sector has an important role to play.”

Every team needs champions and one of Art4Agriculture’s first champions was Alan Eagle – a founder of the Hawkesbury Harvest

Alan sourced our first funding partners and talked about the program to every politician he met, promoted the program on the radio and was an all-round great guy

Sadly, we lost Alan last year and to honour him we have created The Alan Eagle Young Farming Champions scholarship.

Alan Eagle

Alan was a strong supporter of young people interested in agriculture. He had a genuine interest in who you were, what you valued, and to make sure everyone played the ball, not the man. This made him courageous and generous too, always freely giving of his time and efforts.

All who came to know him soon realised he had a particularly principled approach to life, he was one of those rare individuals who live their values – Alans were trust, integrity, service, community and education

You can read Emma’s blog here

_ 2017 Picture You in Agriculture Supporting Partners