Pick the winner of the 2013 Archibull Prize

The big day is tomorrow for all our finalists involved in the 2013 Archibull Prize.


14 Schools have been selected based on their artwork to send their cows the Awards and Exhibition ceremony

Now its time for the Peoples Pick.

Who will you chose to win the 2013 Archibull Prize

Click on the pictures to see the cows in full glory 


Author: Clover Hill Dairies Diary

I started this blog to share farming stories from our family farm Clover Hill Dairies. Over the last six years I have been reminded that life is complex and my blog has morphed with me. It now follows my thoughts, my dreams, my vision, my challenges and highlights

46 thoughts on “Pick the winner of the 2013 Archibull Prize”

  1. Love the Archibull initiative, congrats to all involved. Just wanted to alert you to one cow being credited to 2 different schools – Northlakes and Winmalee.

  2. What a wonderful way our students at Trangie Central School highlighted our Cotton Industry….Very talented students indeed!! Very proud Parent!!

  3. There are only 13 schools listed yet there are 14 finalists….. Could the winner possibly be the school that is missing? o.O

  4. the photo doesn’t do the magnificant artwork justice as both sides are so different! what an awesome team effort!

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